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Email Marketing

Boost your bottom line with Email

Marketing from WilsonCooke.

Reach out and meet more

of the right people.

What’s the key to your manufacturing business’ success? Increasing your profits.
And how do you do that? By connecting with more of the right people.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to do just that.

With WilsonCooke, you’ll do more than fire out emails into the void and hope someone reads them. We’ll help you identify your core audience and then divide them into segments so you can send specific, high-converting outreach emails that speak directly to them. All underpinned with the right calls to action and sales messaging to drive sales and revenue.

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Boost email performance with your brand performance partners.

Emails are just the tip of your manufacturing brand’s iceberg.

By truly understanding who your audience is and what your brand stands for, we’ll create a high performing brand to underpin all of your email marketing efforts. 

It’s all about understanding and identifying. Understanding your business, identifying the right potential customers, and bringing the two together through fully managed, data-driven, email marketing campaigns.

The subject line that convinces a reader to open, the call to action that entices them to pick up the phone? None of it works if it’s not backed by a high performing brand that really speaks to people.

And when it comes to brand performance, we were made for manufacturing brands. We understand marketing and manufacturing, to offer you a balanced view on what you need, what will work, and what steps to take.

Why does email marketing still outperform most other digital marketing efforts?

It’s true. It does.

Even though the average person in the UK receives 100 emails every day, email marketing delivers around £35 in revenue for every pound spent. And that’s just one statistic.

Here are a few more that might convince you to invest your hard-earned marketing budget into email marketing.

Personalised emails can offer a ROI of 4200%

Over 4 billion people check their emails every day

66% of all customers have made a purchase due to email marketing

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