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Manufacture success with Campaign  

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Every good campaign

begins with Brand.

Not sure where to start with marketing your manufacturing business? Torn between beginning with email, SEO or PPC? Unsure of what your next steps are?

In our experience, built over decades, the best place to start is with a brand.
Develop your brand, develop a campaign, and suddenly everything falls into place.

The best way to start boosting your manufacturing brand? By speaking to WilsonCooke.

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Everything you need all in one place.

Here at WilsonCooke, we do everything you need.

We do it meticulously, professionally, and with an eye on reaching the people you need to attract and converting them into paying customers. None of it works if it’s not backed by a high performing brand that really speaks to people.

We blend aesthetics with functionality, overall strategy with channel-specific tactics, and cutting-edge technology with tried-and-tested user experience. It all adds up to campaigns that deliver exactly what you need them to deliver.

More eyes on your business. More sales of your products and services.

Our campaigns

From naming your brand to acting as expert strategic partners for sector-specific campaigns, we’re here to help you build a successful marketing campaign.

Digital audits
Design & build
Content management systems
Paid search
Email marketing
Analytics and reporting
UI/UX design
Campaign strategy and management
Content marketing
Brand strategy
Visual brand identity

Delivering superb marketing results for manufacturing businesses

We aren’t just marketing experts. We understand manufacturing inside and out. Because we’ve worked with some of the manufacturing industry’s biggest names and most discerning brands. We’ve worked as partners, helping them create brands from the bottom up, and developing campaigns that always deliver real results

How we deliver for brands like yours

An increase in revenue
for Energas


Increase in search visibility for Tenmat


We combine the strongest foundations of a marketing campaign - a strong brand - with the right tactics, channels and techniques.

By building a full picture of your customers with in-depth research, then interrogating the data to see how they respond, we increase manufacturing business’ performance with website redesigns, evolved branding, data-driven optimisation and precise paid marketing.

Add in brand development, email marketing and content management, and it’s easy to see how our hard work pays off for manufacturers like you.

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