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One of the most trusted specialised plant and welfare manufacturers and suppliers in the UK.

Garic is a leading UK manufacturer specialising in mobile and static welfare units tailored for sectors like construction, infrastructure, and public utilities. Established over 30 years ago, Garic has consistently pioneered innovative solutions designed to enhance the functionality and environmental sustainability of work sites across the nation.

A rich heritage

Garic has a rich heritage spanning over three decades, marked by a dedication to innovation and sustainability in the manufacturing of site welfare solutions. Their journey began with a vision to enhance on-site efficiencies and has evolved with the industry's changing demands, always staying ahead with adaptive and forward-thinking products. This long-standing commitment to excellence not only defines their past but continues to drive their innovation in the present.

The objective

To increase brand awareness, customer reach and conversion.

Our proccess










A comprehensive lead generation and marketing strategy

To drive increased lead generation for Garic, we implemented a multifaceted approach to performance traction. Our approach included developing and executing campaigns, ensuring full compliance with SEO best practices and leveraging PPC campaigns to boost conversions. Additionally, we utilised social and content marketing, along with targeted email campaigns.

Campaign development and full execution
Fully compliant for search engine optimisation
PPC Campaigns driving conversions
Social marketing
Content marketing
Email marketing
User experience and conversion optimisation

A complete overhaul of brand image and tone of voice

From discovery to roll-out we helped the in-house design team at Garic deliver an ambitious approach to Garic's service offering and identity . Overhauling the brand identity and tone of voice, with a bespoke new website that clearly communicates their innovative, sustainable solutions and reinforces their position as a leader in the industry, we ensured a cohesive and impactful brand presence across all touchpoints.

Brand positioning

We repositioned Garic's brand to highlight their innovative solutions across their sites and sectors, whilst emphasising Garic's commitment to sustainability, simplicity, and exceptional service. This strategic approach positioned Garic as the go-to partner for eco-friendly, efficient site management, reinforcing their reputation as industry leaders.

Brand image and tone of voice

Garic's new branding is clean, minimal, and product-driven, featuring bold Garic blue and red colours and a new stronger monogram, creating a striking visual identity and set of brand assets. We effectively connected Garic with their audience, underscoring their commitment to sustainability and efficiency and reinforcing their reputation as a trusted industry leader.


Building a functional site from the ground up

Starting with a comprehensive discovery phase to understand Garic’s needs and goals, we created detailed wireframes to map out the site’s structure and user flow.

Website build

Our design phase emphasised a clean, minimal aesthetic featuring Garic’s bold blue and red colours, aligning with their new brand identity. The end result was a user-friendly, visually appealing website that effectively communicates Garic’s innovative solutions and reinforces their market leadership in sustainability and service.

Hire Me functionality

We embarked on an updated approach to Garic's online ecommerce presence. We developed a bespoke site planning system that enabled customers to pick relevant products with ease.

Brand image

We helped Garic develop an updated brand identity, tone of voice and digital presence.

A mammoth of a site deserved a complex and calculated process. From discovery to delivery, we made sure every choice was backed by data.

Our proccess








Reached more customers

Multi channel approach ensures cumulative and ambient effect to maximise results.

Key learnings

Multi channel approach ensures cumulative and ambient effect to maximise results. Effective targeted campaign planning and a multi channel approach means we have reached more of the right customers, driving sales and growth.

Increased converstions

We established goal tracking for calls & form submissions and have increased monthly conversions/enquiries.

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