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We are WilsonCooke Brand Performance.

A brand performance agency with over 20 years of experience moving manufacturing brands forward.

Everyone is data driven. We have the expertise that makes a difference.

Break the mould and elevate your

manufacturing marketing.

Drive Results

Our  purpose is measurable performance with an experienced team. We take the time to deeply understand your brand DNA, objectives, and customers. This insight allows us to drive real marketing ROI through intelligent strategies that engage audiences and spur action.

Manufacturing DNA

With a storied legacy in manufacturing marketing, we understand the complex needs and mindsets of your buyers like few others can. Our manufacturing marketing roots run deep. Forward-thinking manufacturers have put their trust in us to spearhead digital transformation and inject innovative strategies that move the needle.

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What is a brand performance agency?

We believe a finely tuned brand fuels buying decisions, while performance marketing keeps you top of mind.

True success requires both - and we deliver a powerful balance of strategic branding and effective digital marketing tailored for manufacturers.

Our pedigree can be seen through our success stories, revealing the power of compelling branded design that resonates with your audience, and performance-driven marketing solutions engineered to drive tangible business results.

We understand that no two manufacturing companies are alike, and the path to success is rarely linear. Our approach remains flexible and agile, pivoting strategies as your needs evolve.

In the intricate tapestry of B2B interactions, the importance of branding extends far beyond a visually appealing logo.

Brand power

A holistic approach to branding involves meticulous consideration of the entire customer journey, a journey that unfolds across various touchpoints. This approach is not just about creating an attractive facade; it's about crafting an immersive and consistent brand experience that resonates with clients from the first encounter through long-term interactions.

Brand Strategy & Positioning
Visual Identity & Guidelines
Brand Naming
Brand Guardianship

In today's digital age, manufacturers must master both lead acquisition and nurturing to thrive.

Performance traction

We map your audiences' paths and deploy relevant, hard-hitting campaigns across the ideal channel mix. We blend cutting-edge data with over two decades of manufacturing experience. This powerful combination allows us to uncover critical audience and competitor insights that give you a sustained advantage. 

Campaign Strategy & Management
PPC & Paid Social Advertising
SEO & Content Marketing
Email Nurture Streams
Website Design & Optimisation

Our design and development approach for manufacturing websites prioritises performance above all else.

Digital impact

We craft visually compelling yet strategically constructed user experiences that guide visitors toward conversion goals.

Aesthetics seamlessly blend with meticulous planning of user journeys, strategic calls-to-action, and frictionless navigation. Our performance-driven methodology creates powerful websites and lead engines for manufacturers - providing outstanding user experiences while maximising leads, sales, and revenue.

Digital audit
Website design & build
Content Management Systems
Search Engine Optimisation
Analytics and Reporting
UI/UX Design








Success stories

20 years of moving manufacturers forward. Find out how.


One of the most trusted specialised plant and welfare facility providers in the UK.

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Global leaders in engineered polymer solutions.

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