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How we transformed a global

manufacturer with over 100

years of experience into a digital

powerhouse to drive lead


Improvement in search visibility


Increase in trackable website enquiries


Increase in site visitors


Tenmat is a leading manufacturer of advanced materials and components with over 100 years of experience.

Over 100 years in manufacturing.

Tenmat is a leading manufacturer of advanced materials and components with over 100 years of experience. The diversified product range includes composite & polymer materials, high temperature materials, and passive fire protection solutions. The company’s headquarters is in Manchester UK where the first composite engineering components were created at the turn of the twentieth century.

A global company.

As part of the Diamorph group Tenmat has offices and manufacturing sites across the globe; UK, USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy and Australia as well as a global network of vendors and distributors.

The objective

To increase brand visibility and reach
more customers.

Our proccess










An evolved brand image and strategy

To harness their brand power, we delivered a comprehensive visual identity overhaul for Tenmat.
Early in our brand workshops with Tenmat, we identified the need to evolve their brand identity to dynamically reflect the company's growth and response to the ever-changing marketplace.

Brand Identity

Evolving Tenmat's identity was essential to reflect their growth and response to the ever-changing marketplace. This involved more than just a logo redesign; it encompassed a complete overhaul of marketing materials and strategies to ensure a consistent and compelling brand message across all customer touchpoints.

Brand Guardianship

Our role with Tenmat extended to the group level, with us playing an important role in in both design and brand guardianship across the group, including: Diamorph, Permali, Tufnol, Brandguard. We ensued that their brands are represented accurately and consistently across all platforms and channels.

Brand Guidelines

As a global organization, it was important that the vision for the identity was reflected in a comprehensive set of brand guidelines providing information, tools, and standards for using brand names, logos, typefaces, and other design elements.


Full campaign management and delivery across all channels

Implementing a robust holistic approach to performance marketing.
Our strategic implementation has consistently driven remarkable increases in conversion rates and optimisation, demonstrating tangible success across all marketing channels.

Campaign development
Organic search
User experience and coversion optimisation
Paid search strategy
Paid and organic social
Email marketing

An end-to-end overhaul of the Tenmat website

We're proud to have delivered a brilliant brand new site for Tenmat which really emphasised our approach to cultivating digital impact. A mammoth of a site deserved a complex and calculated process. From discovery to delivery, we made sure every decision was backed by expertise and data.

Three sites under one roof

We aimed to bring a consistent visual style to each one of Tenmat's product offerings. From high temperature tanker pads to Feroform 21 each section has it's own unique cohesive visual identity which helps navigation.

A renewed look and feel

We wanted to bring the website in-line with the modern and more cutting edge brand image with a clear information hierarchy and consistent approach to styling throughout.

A dynamic tagging system

By implementing a dynamic tagging system we made any future product updates easier to roll out across the site. Systems have been put in place to automatically update resources and links throughout to ensure product fidelity.

An updated brand image

We developed a comprehensive brand strategy coupled with an evolved modern identity.

We brought a clear visual structure and identity to Tenmat and their products. With collateral ranging from detailed technical drawings to flashy branded videos we created a brand image that reflects the cutting edge.

WilsonCooke has been and continues to be an extension of the Tenmat marketing team.

Frankie Turner

Group Head of Marketing, Diamorph Group

What did we achieve








More conversions

By harnessing tracked data we managed to optimise channels and campaigns for increased effectiveness to convert. Since Oct 2020, we established goal tracking for calls & form submissions and have increased monthly conversions/enquiries by +680% per month.

Reached more customers

Since Oct 2020, we have increased average monthly site users by +42% per month. Our multi-channel approach ensured cumulative and ambient effects to maximise results.

Key learnings

Effective targeted campaign planning and a multi channel approach means we have reached more of the right customers, driving sales and growth.

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